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The New Dawn Singers is a traveling group of college age performers who bring a high-energy song and dance show to all ages across the country. Our performers are full of life, enthusiasm, and spirit. Whether it's the music from yesteryear to today's hits, a Broadway tribute, or a Patriotic salute, we are sure to have something for everyone!
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Our Mission: The mission statement of The New Dawn Singers is twofold in nature. Our mission is to offer a performance environment for the further development and experience of talented young people, and to offer quality, wholesome presentations in a number of settings. These consist of character building/motivational shows in the public/private schools, inspirational and patriotic shows for families/retirees, and sacred/gospel concerts in churches or related settings.

UPDATE 4/2020: During the year of 2017, our Founder and Director, John S. Blake Jr., unfortunately passed away leaving an incredible legacy behind of music, leadership, compassion, and love for everyone he worked with over the years.  Now, the rest of the family continues to hold the group in their hearts. As we have decided not to tour full-time anymore, we do however put on a show every now and then. We gather the alumni back together when needed and are lucky to have many faithful performers all over the country who have been very gracious to keep New Dawn alive. We will continue to post when we have a show scheduled on our site and Facebook page. Until then, please enjoy the photos and videos that can be found on our website and social media pages!

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