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The New Dawn Singers is a touring, song and dance group that performs many shows throughout the year in convention centers, amusement parks, theatres, schools, churches, retirement communities, and many other venues across the country. Our members are out of high school and/or of college age. We bring youth, smiles, talent, and excitement to audiences of all types with our upbeat, high energy show!

Our cast includes 5-8 performers on stage as well as tech staff that all work together to produce a professional entertainment show geared to please any crowd.

Members need not have professional training, just a "willing to learn" attitude and eagerness to work hard. Technicians must also be willing to learn new equipment and sound and lighting techniques.

Cast members travel together to the performances. Males and females are separated in different bedrooms for their stay at each destination.

Cast members will each be given different "set-up" jobs..such as costumes, sound, lighting, CD table, etc. to set up at each performance.

Rehearsals begin anywhere from one week to one month prior to the first show date.

Our Guidelines: Appearance: Hair is to be neat and taken care of. No visible tattoos or piercings except for the ears. If you already have tattoos, you will be responsible to cover them for each performance with the correct stage makeup. No earrings on any males. No facial hair on stage. In general, good grooming is required. Females wear hair extension/fall comb wigs.

Shows are professional and stage makeup is required for all members...male & female.


To audition for our group is very easy. Just fill out our audition form below and mail a recent photo or headshot of yourself, a CD/tape of you performing at least 3 songs showing your vocal range and talent, video (if possible) showing your dancing abilities, and resume to:


The New Dawn Singers Inc. / Auditions
1507 South Grove Street
Eustis, FL. 32726


After we receive your audition packet, we will review the contents and get in touch with you. You can also email the files to: If we feel you are right for the position, we will then talk further about rehearsal schedules, arrival dates, what to bring, etc. Feel free to email us with any other questions you may have.

We look forward to receiving your information!

Beliefs: Because we are based as a gospel group, we ask that you have made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. Some of our training for the gospel concerts involve devotional times and memorization of the Bible.

Conduct: Our code of conduct requires strength of character and profanity, drinking, smoking, drugs, sexual misconduct...In general, professional behavior at group home and show settings.

Meals: Some meals will be provided, but while on tour, performers are responsible for their own meals.

Housing: Housing is always provided for our members while on tour.

Luggage: Basically, you can bring it if you can carry it. We don't have super strict rules, but we do ask you to choose wisely as you decide what to pack for your time with us. You will have to carry your own luggage many times throughout your stay with the organization, so don't bring more than you can carry.


Performers are required to supply their own dance shoes....Women: tan character shoes. Dancesneakers should be brought along as well for rehearsals. Men: Black dancesneakers. If you tap and own tap shoes, we ask that you bring them along as well. We also wear dancebelts for men and show tights and corsets for women...please bring your own if you are not comfortable wearing a supplied piece.. Mic packs will be sewn into undergarments. We can discuss this in more detail when we contact you about joining.


Members must be able to travel and work well with others.


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